ARCHITERRA : \ˈ är-kə-ˈ ter-ə\ Design of; earth, land

At The Architerra Group, we believe that achieving balance is
fundamental to successful design: balance between the transformation
and conservation of the landscape; balance between diverse goals of
project stakeholders; and balance between a creative vision and project constraints.

Our company was founded on the belief that shaping the land and
creating spaces is best accomplished through artistic imagination and
skilled technical competence. We allow the site and context within which we are working to inform the design resulting in unique solutions for each project.

Our firm’s mission is to enhance local communities through the design of public spaces. Our inclusive design process allows us to work for the users of our projects by working with them. For us, collaboration with stakeholders and public process are key to successful public projects.

Our boutique sized studio includes established, experienced principals
and a range of fresh, innovative talent who assume various roles on all of our projects. We attribute our award winning projects and loyal client
base to our dedicated and professional staff. It is the inherent belief in the work we do and the process we use that leads to our success as a
landscape architecture firm.

Firm Description